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Red-Brown Ale Trail

Red-Brown Ales

Together with the lambic brewers from Brussels, the Flemish Red-Brown Ale brewers De Brabandere, Omer Vander Ghinste, Rodenbach and Verhaeghe cling to the tradition of ripening their beer in oak barrels, also called 'foeders'.
The term ‘Flemish Red-Brown Ale’ is used to indicate a category of beers of mixed fermentation, with a sour and light flavour. We speak of mixed fermentation because young beer of high fermentation is mixed with a beer of spontaneous fermentation that has ripened in a 'foeder' for at least 18 months. A ‘blend’ is created.

It's the ideal cycling beverage!

The Flemish Red-Brown Ales are not only the best witnesses of our local brewers' craftsmanship, they are also the ideal cycling beverage! That's because they are very thirst-quenching, have a sour character and a low alcohol content. Connoisseurs know that the best way to recover from a cycling trip is on sunny patio with a Flemish Red-Brown Ale in your hand. Cheers!

You want to know more? Take a look at our mini-website about Flemish Red-Brown Ales. It includes information about the beers, red-brown ale recipes and some nice cycling trails.