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Regional products

Enjoying the Lys Valley involves tasting diverse, high-quality, traditional farm products and regional products.
The quality label '100% West-Vlaams' covers high-quality regional products and manufacturers of farm products in West Flanders. Lekker Oost-Vlaams does this for East Flanders.

Below you'll find an overview of the officially recognised Flemish regional products from the Lys Valley. There are also many other farm products and delicious dishes that are typical for our region.

Avelgem's Pear Pie

Avelgem's pear pie was a speciality at Bakkerij Lateur, the bakery where Stijn Streuvels was an apprentice. In 1961, to celebrate the 90th birthday of Stijn Streuvels, several bakeries started making pies with spicy stewed pears once again. Today Avelgem is proud of this traditional Flemish regional product.

Bakkerij Corne, Doorniksesteenweg 52, 8580 Avelgem. T 056 64 42 87
Bakkerij Taelman, Doorniksesteenweg 88, 8580 Avelgem. T 056 64 43 73

Elixir de Roulers

The elixir has been brewed in Roeselare by Distillery Sint-Michiel, owned by the Vyncke-Daels family, since 1871. The aromatic and coloured liqueur, ripened in oak barrels, has a distinct anise aroma and the lovely yellow colour of saffron, characteristic of Belgian elixirs. According to tradition, it's healthy and medicinal. We think it's delicious!

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Grootmoeders Koffie

Nestor Hanssens created the soft flavours and lovely aromas of Grootmoeders Koffie (Grandma's Coffee) during the war. The coffees produced by this roasting house still ensure relaxing coffee breaks. The 'café avec la petite grand-mère’ is even loved by the French. Visit the coffee-roasting house and the coffee museum then enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Echt Kriekenbier

At the end of the 1940s Brouwerij Verhaeghe created a West Flanders cherry beer by adding cherries to the South-West Flemish red-brown ale. Cherries from Sint-Truiden are added to the cut red-brown ale (mixture of young and old beer) in July. The real cherry flavour is what makes Echt Kriekenbier by brewery Verhaeghe so unique.

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At the edge of the Scheldt River in West Flanders, people are crazy about 'piros'. The sausage rolls probably originated from nearby Frans-Vlaanderen (French Flanders) where they celebrated 'ducasse à pierrots', a hearty meal with sausages offered in pubs. Bakeries in the West Flanders Scheldt River Region currently turn a spicy pork sausage wrapped in bread dough into a hearty snack. Many pubs in Anzegem also offer them during the winter months.

Bakkerij Corne - Doorniksesteenweg 52 8580 Avelgem - T 056 64 42 87
Bakkerij Taelman - Doorniksesteenweg 88 8580 Avelgem - T 056 64 43 73

Flemish Red-Brown Ales

Flemish Red-Brown Ales are beers of mixed fermentation, with a sour and light flavour. They are some of the oldest Belgian varieties of beer. Flemish Red-Brown Ale brewers cling to the tradition of ripening the beer in oak barrels, also called 'foeders'.
Rodenbach is a good example of a red-brown ale from West Flanders. Other recognised red-brown ales include Vanderghinste Roodbruin brewed by Brouwerij Omer Vander Ghinste, Petrus Roodbruin brewed by Brouwerij De Brabandere and Vichtenaar and Duchesse de Bourgogne brewed by Verhaeghe.

Filliers Advocaat and Jenever

Filliers Advocaat is a creamy, mild liqueur, traditionally prepared in a bain-marie using fresh eggs, sugar, cream, and alcohol. It is enhanced with natural aromas. You can expect a nice bite of grain alcohol in the aftertaste. Which leads us to the second regional product made at Filliers distillery: the traditional East Flemish Dutch gin. Filliers has been producing Dutch gin in Deinze for 150 years. Filliers has always been an ‘in-house’ distillery, meaning that they distil their own malt wine on-site. Malt wine is one of the most important flavour enhancers in jenever, together with the Dutch gin, juniper berry distillate, and spring water.

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