Culture & heritage


The flax industry employed tens of thousands of Lys Valley residents for decades. Other industries also provided economic prosperity. Examples include the broom, brush and shoe industries in Izegem and the pram and toy factories in Deinze. The super-fast economic development of the region ensured that many industrial buildings quickly lost their function and needed a new purpose. Today some of these buildings house activities that are sure to interest you.

Eperon d'Or

Izegem gained international fame in the 20th century as the centre of the broom, brush and footwear industry. The former shoe factory Eperon d'Or has been converted into a broom, brush and footwear museum. The building is one of the many beautiful examples of art deco architecture in Izegem. Toerisme Izegem has drawn up a few interesting walks to help you get to know the city.

National Tobacco Museum

The National Tobacco Museum in Wervik (as the name suggests it is dedicated to the tobacco industry) is housed in the annexes of the 18th-century Briekenmolen windmill. The museum underwent a complete metamorphosis in 2014 with a view to the commemoration of the Great War. The collection of items and militaria highlights the role of tobacco during the war years.

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