Lys Valley Greeters

Meet our greeters

Discover the profile of each Lys Valley Greeter that wants to welcome you in English below! Book a visit by clicking on the name of the Greeter who best suits you! If you also speak Dutch or French, you can find all the Greeters on the Dutch and French version of our website.

You can also search by city of the Greeter:


Annie Dreesen (Vinkt, Deinze)

Annie was born in Limburg, but has lived in the picturesque village of Vinkt for over 25 years. She has a B&B there, together with her partner André. She can tell you many personal stories about the life and history in and around Vinkt. Be ready for a surprise!
Languages: DU - FR - EN - GER - Contact Annie

Marianne Lyssens (Meigem, Deinze)

Marianne loves the outdoors and the quiet surroundings of Meigem near Deinze. She is a busy and creative bee and does volunteer work for many organisations. She is happy to take you on a bike ride in and around Deinze!
Languages: DU - FR - EN - GER - SP - Contact Marianne

Lieven Godderis (Deinze)

When Lieven talks about the splendours of the outdoors, the lesser-known walking trails and the quiet spots of Deinze, you immediately want to go out and explore. Go on a journey with him and discover nice locations for a picnic, horse riding or to take your children.
Languages: DU - FR - EN - Contact Lieven

Joannes De Baets (Deinze)

Joannes is a keen amateur photographer. He'll take you to lovely spots where you can take beautiful pictures. His batteries are already charged, how about yours?
Languages: DU - FR - ENG - GER - Mail Joannes

Bart Huyghe (Deinze)

Bart has a passion for technology, economics, architecture and history. He likes to combine those things in a fascinating walk or bike ride. Bart takes you to the home of a former silk manufacturer; the home of Lulu, daughter of writer John Flanders; and the house of Henry Van de Velde. Also on the program: gin, tobacco, lingerie, papier mâché toys and architectural vestiges of adventurers who ventured their chances in America.
Languages: DU - ENG - Mail Bart


Lieve Debaillie (Kortrijk)

Lieve is a creative soul, not only in her knitting shop in the centre of Kortrijk, but also outside of that. She would like to take you along for a bike ride around Kortrijk and show you the artistic hot spots and authentic shops in Kortrijk.
Languages: DU - FR - EN - Contact Lieve

Eddy Vanyzere (Kortrijk)

Eddy’s favourite spot is the Square in Kortrijk. He lives nearby, together with his wife Lieve who is also a Lys Valley greeter. Yet, the entire inner city has stolen his heart. Walk with Eddy through Kortrijk and be surprised by forgotten historical tidbits and stories!
Languages: DU - FR - EN - Contact Eddy

Jan Dhaene (Kortrijk)

Born and raised in Kortrijk, Jan can tell you about the history of the city in all its details! Cycle along with him, following the new river banks in the centre of the city or near and under the new Lys bridges and experience the city in development!
Languages: DU - FR - EN - GER - Contact Jan

Emmanuel Derdeyn (Kortrijk)

Emmanuel likes to cycle through the Lys Valley, but above all, he enjoys life. He has plenty to tell you about beer, and of course loves a good tasting! He can take you along in the city of Kortrijk or, if the weather’s good, along on the hiking paths of Land van Mortagne, in the green south of the city.
Languages: DU - EN - Contact Emmanuel

Roos Desmet (Kortrijk)

Roos was born in Bissegem, grew up in Kuurne but fell in love with and moved to Kortrijk in 1977. There isn't a spot along the Lys River between Comines-Warneton and Deinze that she doesn't know. Roos gladly takes you on a walking or cycling excursion past the newest urban developments, lowered Lys River banks, beautiful bridges and frequently hidden green spots. She has also come to love the 'Land van Mortagne', the endless hills and villages between the Lys and Scheldt Rivers. It's an oasis of peace and quiet.
Languages: DU - FR - EN - Mail Roos


Guy Desloovere (Menen)

The history and many sights of Menen, Wevelgem and Wervik have no secrets for Guy. He likes to get you to know the fascinating region 'Grensleie' and to enjoy the rich past, the beautiful nature and the local stories, on foot or by bike.
Languages: DU - ENG - Mail Guy


Lex Corijn (Roeselare)

Lex knows Roeselare like the back of his hand. He runs his own B&B in the heart of the city so giving people a warm welcome is in his blood. He is happy to show you around in Roeselare and to tell you all about the city and the Roeselare-Lys Canal.
Languages: DU - FR - EN - GER - Contact Lex

Carine Bouckaert (Roeselare)

Carine was born and raised in Roeselare. She takes you on a walking tour through this dynamic city to unique places and sights, enjoying the parks, shopping streets, nice cafes or terraces.
Languages: DU - ENG - Mail Carine


Luc Delodder (Wielsbeke)

Luc has a passion for cycling, hiking and his region and would love to share this with you. He will cycle along with you from Wielsbeke to Waregem and Wakken, taking you to see some of the most beautiful spots and recounting fun anecdotes you won’t find in the tourist guides. 
Languages: DU - FR - EN - Contact Luc


Johan Dewitte (Zulte)

You can often find Johan in the 'Kapelhoek' in Zulte. There you will find a nature preserve, an old tannery, an old chapel and much more. You can cycle, walk or enjoy a cool drink in 't Kapelhuis.
Languages: DU - ENG - Mail Johan


Jan Goemaere (Moen, Zwevegem)

Jan likes recreational and competitive biking, but especially cycling in the Lys Valley. The Bossuit-Kortrijk Canal, which connects the rivers Lys and Scheldt, has no secrets for Jan. He is happy to share his knowledge with you, but above all, he would like to show you all the natural beauty of the surroundings.
Languages: DU - FR - EN - Contact Jan

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