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Without exaggerating, we can argue that the Lys Valley is an excellent gastronomic region. After all, we have La Durée (Izegem) and Boury (Roeselare), which have two Michelin stars, and several restaurants with one Michelin star, namely Marcus (Deerlijk), Vol-Ver (Kortrijk) and Castor (Waregem).
Below you'll find a list of top restaurants that score at least 13/20 in the Gault&Millau guide; they are grouped per municipality. * indicates the number of stars; the score indicates the number of points in the Gault&Millau guide. Clicking on the name of the restaurant will take you to their website.


'tMag! (13,5/20)

The magnificent restaurant 'tMag! is located in the centre of Tiegem. On the outside it looks like a stylish mansion with a lovely tower that dates from the end of the 18th century. Tom Loosveldt and Hilde Degezelle run 'tMag! with lots of love. The modern and young interior is the ideal setting for a romantic dinner, a business lunch or a family-friendly outing.
Westdorp 17, 8573 Tiegem
056 70 07 65 -


De Gouden Klokke (13/20)

Restaurant De Gouden Klokke is housed in a prestigious farmstead. The restaurant is stylish and you are spoiled on all levels. The owners, Thierry Vancoppenolle and Ann Hoste, offer a unique combination of beauty and refined cuisine. De Gouden Klokke in Waarmaarde is a real trendsetter. Its motto is class and quality.
Trappelstraat 25, 8581 Waarmaarde
055 38 85 60 -


Marcus* (15/20)

Chef Gilles Joye and his wife Heike Dedecker present creative and innovative cuisine in a new, cosy and stylish restaurant. Chef Gilles uses lots of local, regional products and gives them southern, fresh touches. You'll enjoy herbs and vegetables grown in their own greenhouse. Restaurant Marcus has been a gastronomic fixture for many years. Most of that time it has been awarded a Michelin star.
Kleine Klijtstraat 30, 8540 Deerlijk
056 77 37 37 -


't Aards Paradijs (16/20)

In 't Aards Paradijs Belgian and French specialties are served by Lieven Lootens, chosen as' Best Culinary Flower Chef Benelux'. The chef also puts together a refined vegetarian menu with several courses, in which soft-tasting and savory dishes follow each other smoothly.
Merendreedorp 65, 9850 Merendree
09 371 57 56 -

Au Bain Marie (13/20)

Idyllic dining on the banks of the Lys River. Chef Marc and his team present delicious seasonal dishes with a picturesque background.
Emiel Clauslaan 141, 9800 Deinze
09 222 48 65 -


Do you love great food? You’re in luck: Ghent is the veggie capital of Europe (according to Ghent’s inhabitants, of course), and its young, rock-star chefs are causing a sensation on the international food scene. Ghent is attracting more and more innovative gastronomic talents and bold concepts. In Ghent, young Michelin-starred chefs really pull out all the stops.

More information about the restaurants in Ghent...


La Durée** (16/20)

Two-star restaurant La Durée has been cooking inventive and elegant food since 2007. Averse to every superficial culinary fiddling, chef Angelo Rosseel sticks to honest cuisine in which the very best ingredients play the leading role.
Leenstraat 28, 8870 Izegem
051 31 00 31 -

De Smaak (14/20)

In this elegant mansion you eat near the open kitchen or in a separate room. When the sun shines, a patio at the back beckons. The restaurant is listed in the Gault&Millau guide. Add to that a great wine menu and a warm welcome and you can count on a pleasant experience.
Gentsestraat 27, 8870 Izegem
051 32 14 75 -

Villared (13/20)

Villared has guaranteed classic/evolutionary cuisine since 2004. We sing the praises of regional and seasonal products. Everything is home-made with great care.
Leenstraat 51, 8870 Izegem
051 30 38 58 -


Vol-Ver* (14/20)

It was our dream to pour all the knowledge that we acquired before our 30th birthday in numerous restaurants in Belgium and abroad into our own, small establishment. We chose a small, rural villa with a garden terrace. We retained and refurbished the rustic wooden beams in the interior. Black and white decorations provide a cosy atmosphere and the fireplace offers warmth in the wintertime. A partially open kitchen where refined bistro dishes are created with fresh produce. A business lunch is available. Suggestions and à la carte are offered at affordable prices.
Watervalstraat 23, 8510 Marke
056 49 85 92 -

Taste and Colours (15/20)

Experience the unique restaurant concept in which you literally dine in the kitchen and see what the chef prepares. We call it resto-boutique because of the domestic character and because you can purchase the products that we use in our dishes. We do not serve endangered species of fish and we never serve foie gras. We look for local suppliers whenever possible. We value craftsmanship and the limited cultivation of products of exceptional quality.
Groeningelaan 22, 8500 Kortrijk
056 40 40 40 -

Rebelle (14,5/20)

Rebelle is a restaurant where you can pick up a quick lunch or sit down for a multi-course meal. Accessible, without pretentions, minimalistic with a sprinkling of sparkle and a dash of passion. The restaurant was included in the Gault&Millau guide right from its very beginnings.
Rekkemsestraat 226, 8510 Marke
056 21 94 50 -

Messeyne (14/20)

At Messeyne you dine in an elegant décor. We serve traditional and modern French dishes of a very high quality. Our chef Klaas Lauwers works with seasonal ingredients and received 14/20 in the Gault&Millau guide. When the weather is nice you can also dine on our outdoor patio.
Groeningestraat 17, 8500 Kortrijk
056 21 21 66 -

Oud Walle (14/20)

Oud Walle moved to a beautiful mansion in the centre of Kortrijk. The décor has changed but the essence remained the same: delicious dining in a relaxed, cosy atmosphere. The hallmark and passion of Oud Walle is light, contemporary cuisine prepared with fresh products.
Koning Albertstraat 4, 8500 Kortrijk
056 22 65 53 -

Va et Vient (14/20)

Chef Matthias Speybrouck works with a fixed menu that's inspired by the seasons and based on market-fresh ingredients. His trademark is product-based cuisine with pure dishes. As Matthias puts it: 'coarse and refined'.
Handboogstraat 20, 8500 Kortrijk
056 20 45 17 -

Het Vliegend Tapijt (14/20)

In 2011 we took over the restaurant that my parents founded in 1985. We slowly adapted their excellent bistro cuisine and refined it to suit our own taste and creativity. We work with strong seasonal products and prefer to purchase them from local producers. The relaxed atmosphere didn't disappear and the interior is a cheeky homage to the pubs of yesteryear. You can still enjoy an aperitif at the bar and we place great importance on the right music.
Pottelberg 189, 8510 Marke
056 22 27 45 -

ViEr (14/20)

In the historic building of the former Sint-Vincentius Clinic, close to the Begijnhofpark and beside the Begijnhof (Beguinage), Sebastien Ghyselen and An Van Ammel have opened their own restaurant “ViEr”. Within the magnificent cloister, twenty diners can enjoy the finest creations: deliciously fresh, well-balanced and exclusive fish and meat dishes. There’s also plenty for vegetarians.
Begijnhofpark, 8500 Kortrijk
0468 57 70 09 -

Argendael (13,5/20)

Restaurant Argendael resolutely chooses atmosphere and cosiness. Young dynamics and honest cuisine made with fresh products - everyone will find their fancy.
Doornikserijksweg 195, 8510 Bellegem
056 31 51 45 -

St. Christophe (13/20)

St. Christophe chooses top quality across the board. The choice of ingredients is largely responsible for the quality of the final product. We choose the best products and use optimal methods of preparation. Those who go out to eat want to be able to appreciate the aromas and flavours to the fullest. Everything is prepared on location, from the tapas served with the aperitif and the different types of bread to the desserts.
Minister Tacklaan 5, 8500 Kortrijk
056 20 03 37 -

d'Oude Burcht (13/20)

d’Oude Burcht sits on top of the remains of an old fortress in Kortrijk, which was lost after the battle of Westrozebeke. The menu features both fish and meat dishes. You can eat on the terrace in the summer.
Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat 46, 8500 Kortrijk
0497 44 10 17 -


Het Bourgondisch Kruis (14/20)

This restaurant, owned by David Demey and Kathleen Hostens, is the pride of Kuurne. It radiates a serene atmosphere due to the combination of rough, old materials and the luxury of modern tables.
Brugsesteenweg 400, 8520 Kuurne
056 70 24 55 -


Culinair (14/20)

In the stylish restaurant Culinair you can enjoy a meal on the patio or in the lovely garden. After a delicious meal you can stay in the B&B.
Dronckaertstraat 508, 8930 Lauwe
056 42 67 33 -

La Cravache (14/20)

Anja Verheye's hospitality and the 'Les Etapes du bon goût - Huizen van goede smaak' label guarantee a wonderful culinary experience. The enthusiastic team offers unequalled creations and a special experience. Always looking for the best ingredients, preferably from the region, they are constantly busy developing new culinary highlights. Honest flavours in surprising combinations and refined finishing touches.
Gentstraat 215, 8930 Rekkem
056 42 67 87 -

De Mangerie (13/20)

The cuisine of De Mangerie is rich in flavour and aroma, and inspired by the seasons. It only uses the best products.
Wevelgemstraat 37, 8930 Lauwe
056 42 00 75 -


Jan Verhelst (14,5/20)

The cuisine, California Inspired Cuisine, is unique and very personal. It's a combination of fresh products, classic techniques, Californian and Asian influences, based on the chef's background and his current inspiration. There is no menu. The surprising dishes from this inventive chef are light, fresh, creative and balanced. There is no sign of rich, heavy sauces, copious, rich dishes nor characteristic overdoneness. Healthy food is central.
Stationsstraat 33, 9810 Eke
09 280 07 77 -


Boury** (17,5/20)

Refined dishes based on high-quality, regional ingredients are served in a modern setting with lots of professionalism. The wine menu is both classic and surprising.
Diksmuidsesteenweg 53, 8800 Roeselare
051 62 64 62 -

Ma Passion (14/20)

It starts with fresh products that follow the seasons. Add to that creativity and vision as well as hospitality and a well-tended interior. The beautiful building at the edge of the city was rigorously preserved and only improved a bit so that we are able to welcome our guests comfortably.
Diksmuidsesteenweg 159, 8800 Roeselare
051 69 83 18 -

Bistro Le Nord (13/20)

The chef in Bistro Le Nord serves innovative Belgian-French dishes with fresh, seasonal products. In the atmospheric lounge bar you can enjoy an apéritif, digestif or Drinks-Bites and Music. It the weather cooperates you can dine on the patio with unique sea views.
Noordstraat 217, 8800 Roeselare
051 25 15 90 -


D'Oude Schuur (14/20)

This rustic farm is located in a forested are near the Lys River and the golf course. You'll find a contemporary interior behind the façade of this restored barn. Only the ancient and imposing fireplace refers to the past. In the winter you can dine near a cosy, crackling fire; in the summer in a shady environment on a beautiful patio.
Baarle-Frankrijkstraat 1, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
09 282 33 65 -

A Table (14/20)

Regular customers crowd into this charming little house. That doesn't prevent everyone from profiting from excellently prepared shrimp croquettes or a Black Angus entrecôte grilled above a fire. This is a restaurant without pretensions, but very flavourful. Only open during the week. Lovely patio.
Buizenbergstraat 27, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
09 282 70 68 -

L'Autre Vie (14/20)

The host warmly welcomes you for lunch and dinner in a beautiful setting and in a relaxed, pleasant atmosphere. The team of L'Autre Vie serves French-Mediterranean cuisine with slight Asian influences. L'Autre Vie has a bar where you can enjoy a delicious aperitif or an after-dinner drink. In the evening you can also sit in the bar and simply enjoy a delicious, home-made cocktail, an after-dinner drink or a good glass of wine with your friends.
Kortrijksesteenweg 126, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
0477 84 73 55 -

Brasserie Latem (14/20)

"Fresh products and honest dishes" are central to our cuisine. Only the very freshest ingredients are selected and turned into simple but creative dishes. Pure dishes with pure products like olive oil, organic meat, shellfish from Rungis, etc. Following traditional brasseries, Peter creates classical French cuisine. But here is also room for delicious Belgian dishes and international cuisine. Italian, Spanish and Thai dishes spice up the menu.
Kortrijksesteenweg 9, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
09 282 36 17 -

Baarle 90 (13/20)

Restaurant Baarle 90 is located at the edge of the Lys River. You can enjoy some culinary highlights here.
Baarle-Frankrijkstraat 90, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
09 281 05 20 -

Sabatini (13/20)

Restaurant Sabatini has been repeatedly praised in Rome as "one of the 30 best Italian restaurants outside Italy".
Kortrijksesteenweg 114, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
09 282 80 35 -

Brasserie Boulevard (13/20)

Cosiness, lots of space and light are at the top of Brasserie Boulevard's wish list. The décor, the fireplace, the bar and the open kitchen immediately put you in the right mood. The menu includes typical brasserie classics as well as dishes with a Boulevard twist. It received the "Host of the Year" award.  
Kortrijksesteenweg 175, 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem
09 279 12 00 -

Deboeveries (13/20)

The chef is inspired by French cuisine and only the best is good enough. The house specialities include North Sea sole with fries, shrimp croquettes and fried foie gras with port sauce. Beautiful patio.
Lijnstraat 2, 9831 Deurle
09 282 33 91 -

Brasserie Vinois (13/20)

Philippe de Denterghemlaan 31, 9831 Deurle
09 282 70 18 -

Auberge du Pêcheur - The Green (13/20)

At the Auberge Du Pêcheur lunch and dinner are served in our superb brasserie. In summer on our cosy outdoor terrace, in winter in front of the crackling fireplace. Be sure to try our house speciality 'steak tartare à la minute' and enjoy one of over 500 quality wines from our exclusive cellar.
09 282 31 44 -



Castor* (16/20)

Are you a culinary bon vivant who's looking for an innovative experience? At Castor you can dine in a sleek but warm setting. Chef Maarten Bouckaert only works with high-quality products from the region and he knows when they're at their best. We don't serve commonplace dishes, but we offer classic cuisine with a surprising twist. Pure gastronomy that take you on a voyage of discovery past a range of aromas and flavours.
Kortrijkseweg 164, 8791 Beveren-Leie
056 19 01 21 -

Escabeche - Tapas de luxe (14/20)

In Escabeche you can try fresh and to the point tapas made chiefly with local, seasonal products. A few classic Spanish dishes can also be found on the menu. You can choose from "à la carte" tapas or "our choice" tapas. The restaurant also has a lunch menu.
Stationsstraat 166, 8790 Waregem
056 32 86 97

Mes Amis (13/20)

Mes Amis is a cosy restaurant and trendy lounge bar. The business is divided into a restaurant that seats 32, a cosmopolitan lounge bar that makes you feel like you're in a luxurious hotel bar in a metropolis, and a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy the cooking and some summery cocktails.
Franklin Rooseveltlaan 129, 8790 Waregem
056 90 70 10 -

Robuust (13/20)

Restaurant Robuust is nestled within the pleasant setting of a renovated home. You can enjoy an aperitif, lunch, and multi-course dinners on the open-air terrace during the summer months. The chef works to reinterpret an honest, basic cuisine in a contemporary manner. The menu changes regularly depending on the seasons and the chef’s inspiration.
Wortegemseweg 115, 8790 Waregem
056 61 64 74 -

Improviste by David Selen (13/20)

The still little-known concept of ‘bistronomy' is about simple, but gastronomic cuisine. Taking gastronomy to the bistro, going via his TeaLounge, and without forgetting David’s many suggestions. High-quality, refined products. Every season, I create a new menu, which you can come and enjoy in full on the first Friday evening of the new season in the form of a Walking Dinner.
Felix Verhaeghestraat 9, 8790 Waregem
0472 10 31 31 -


De Gullegember (13/20)

Enjoy excellent food in De Gullegember. Maarten Maselis presents surprising, tasty cuisine with an excellent price/quality ratio. An address to cherish.
Bissegemstraat 64, 8560 Gullegem
056 42 89 64 -


De Karper (13/20)

You'll be treated to delicious culinary gems in a cosy interior. Colourful works by Raveel still hang on the walls, but the open spaces, the magnificent light that enters and the calm character are sure to charm you.
The menu is modest but it's supplemented with a very good 3-course Raveel menu. You'll receive delicious dishes based on fresh ingredients for a good price-quality ratio.
Karperstraat 16, 9870 Machelen-aan-de-Leie
09 380 42 62 -

Bistro Marron (13/20)

Bistro Marron’s trendy, stylish interior makes both young and old feel right at home here. For a quick lunch or a multi-course dinner, Bistro Marron offers a balanced menu that includes both traditional and more progressive dishes. Plus, this is also the place to be if you’re looking to have lunch or dinner out on the sunny terrace.
Molenstraat 40, 9870 Olsene
09 387 07 67 -


L'Envie (15,5/20)

A gastronomic restaurant was opened in the village of Sint-Denijs in 2015. Chef David Grosdent has worked for famous chefs like Yves Mattagne from Sea Grill in Brussels and for Wout Bru in Eygalières in the Provence. The menu and gastronomic menus help you discover the flavours of the wonderful local products, in harmony with the extraordinary selection of wines. When the weather is nice you can enjoy meals on the terrace.
Helkijnstraat 38, 8554 Sint-Denijs
056 22 19 83 -

Molenberg (14,5/20)

This old miller's residence boasts a rural location. Bricks, flagstones and beams make the dining room very appealing. Noble products are presented in a modern-classical style. Filip Bogaert is an incorrigible perfectionist. As a result, each dish is a gem. They can also be enjoyed on the patio of this exceptional house.
Kwadepoelstraat 51, 8550 Zwevegem
056 75 93 97 -

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